About Our Products

Alpaca fibre is an incredible fibre and one of the finest and softest. It is soft like cashmere and strong like mohair. Alpaca fleece is very warm and is an exceptional insulator. Because the fibre is hollow, the products have a very soft feel and are comfortable to wear.

  • Breathable: Alpaca fiber contains microscopic air pockets which create lightweight clothing with good insulating value. It is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. Keeps you warm in winter, yet cool in summer.
  • Colours: Alpaca fiber is found in 22 distinct colours which can be blended into an infinite array of natural shades. Also, alpaca fibre can be easily dyed, and always retains its natural lustre. This gives people a wide variety of colour choices, as well as the choice to wear “all natural” products. 
  • Strength: Alpaca fiber is unusually strong and resilient. The strength does not diminish as it becomes finer. It is a long lasting product.
  • Comfort and Shape Retention: Alpaca fibre works in total harmony with the wearer’s body due to the fibre’s excellent natural elasticity…
  • Easy to care for: Gone are the days when woollen garments had to be hand washed and dried flat. (Our garments are machine washable)
  • Fire Resistant: alpaca fiber is flame retardant, it doesn’t melt and stick to the skin.
  • Biodegradable: When disposed of it will decompose in soil in a matter of years slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth. Alpaca fiber is a renewable natural resource. It is not only soft and lightweight against the skin but also gentle on the planet.